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Yup, I Started a Blog...

After coming to the conclusion that we need a way to keep tabs on what's been good and bad on our adventures (because my memory is crap, I mean really CRAP) I've decided to start jotting it down along the way.

While I hope what I write will be interesting to others, it really is so I don't forget the little things on our adventures.

And no, it is not a New Year's resolution - I don't believe in those. If something is worth doing you just do it. It is purely coincidental that this started on our summer holiday and I've had down time today to start it due to terrible lighting for photos (otherwise we'd be taking them instead of writing about them!).

They say each picture is worth a thousand words, this blog will be my thousand...

Photo credit: Rodney Donaldson C/- Rodney Donaldson Photography

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