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East Cape Roadtrip - Day 2

A slow start to the morning as sunrise didn't look too interesting... We went down to the beach near the batch to see what we can find. Unfortunately not much.

We then went on a drive on the search for fog - and we found it... We couldn't see anything through it! We ended up in Taumarunui and had breakfast at Maccas before heading back through to see if the fog had lifted. Slim pickings but managed to grab a road-side snap that wasn't too bad.

Back to the batch to clean up and clear out. We headed towards Taupo but the weather had turned and we battled drizzle everywhere we went. A quick snap at Kinloch but no inspiration there, then a quick stop in Acacia Bay where Rodney tried to capture the moody sky and I just captured him (shh don't tell him lol).

Lunch was grabbed at the Ruapehu Street Bakehouse and Cafe in Taupo (only place to get a park - crazy busy!). Had a nice and tasty quiche as was wanting something warm.

Next, we were on a mission to find some mushrooms (well, not really but the forest we were heading to had the potential). Found a few things to snap but not many mushrooms (too cold maybe?)

Then I got distracted by something as simple as a branch and spent a while (carefully) photographing over a bridge to keep trying something. Quite pleased with the end result but hasn't quite taken the top spot off of my favourite shot of the trip (my log from yesterday)

The real reason we came to this location was for the canyon river. Had fun trying to find it though! Down a muddy track, a slippery ledge, a wet bum later and we have a pretty amazing view...

Unfortunately, we weren't out of the forest until it started getting dark. We could see the sunrise as we drove back towards Rotorua but could not capture it. We didn't miss much (too much low cloud) so didn't feel too bad about missing it.

Dinner was just Pizza Hut from Rotorua on Te Ngae Road, nothing to write home about - pizza was good but chips weren't great. Staying the night at the very nice VR Rotorua Lake Resort - won't be touching the minibar though!

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