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East Cape Roadtrip - Day 1

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

We hit the road late last night after a family get together for my Gran's 98th birthday. We could have left in the morning but didn't want to miss the sunrise opportunity - and good thing we did! What a stunner start to our road trip!

Battling the cold (and fighting off a cold *sniffle sniffle*) we met a couple of other photographers at the Tokaanu Wharf, both from Auckland but travelling separately, both with a lot more kit than us (and we thought we had spent up large on our gear - ha!).

After our sunrise photoshoot, we headed into Turangi for coffee and breakfast. We tried out the Hydro Eatery and had an excellent coffee and a flavourful savoury scone for breakfast. Definitely somewhere to go again if we are in need for caffeine.

Refreshed, we hit the road again on the search for the fresh snow and did not have to go far. Plenty of snow around and plenty of opportunities to capture snowy mountainscapes. Tons of cars about and so cute to see the families stopped on the side of the road to throw snowballs at each other! (No, Ryan didn't come with us this trip - photo focussed this time round).

Lunch back in Turangi (a small bakery place across the road from the bakehouse). Had THE tastiest chicken tenders, meh chips. Drove around the bays for a bit then back to the batch. I finally had to pull out the external hard drive I bought during lockdown (lockdown project to clear out some hard drive space - did not happen...). Going to be hard to import all these new photos if I have to clear out space every time but hey, maybe it will force me to catch up editing (hahaha).

For sunset, we were a bit stumped, not too sure what it was going to do... We ended up at the Taupo Tree. There was only one other photographer (the benefit of the lesser-known tree - would never get that at Wanaka Tree!).

In my usual style, I found more interest in a random log and ended up with my favourite image of the day!

Dinner for me was roast pork from Turangi Fish and Chips Chicken, Roast and Pizza - yup that is its name lol. Practically their whole menu right there, I guess they ran out of room for "Burgers" as well. Regardless, the roast was good and the customer service was great. Love places like this because it means Rodney can have his fish n chips and I don't have to. Great night of editing, so far keeping up with it.

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