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East Cape Road Trip - Day 7

Feeling rather defeated by the weather, we didn’t do too much today. Went out for breakfast at Nina's Kitchen. I had a delicious blueberry muffin and a great cup of coffee. The ham and cheese toastie that Rodney had looked so good too, but the bread was too thick for my liking otherwise it would have been on my plate too. Took a pic of my cappa in case we didn't take any real photos today lol.

Eventually, we got bored of hanging around the hotel room and decided to go for a drive.

We ended up out at the Rere Waterfall, with water falling all over the place - bet they haven’t had that much water flow in a long time!

The spray from the falls made shooting more challenging. I had to remember to wipe the lens off in between each shot. Some spots were unavoidable. Can you spot Rodney trying to pose for me?

Next up, seeking shelter from the weather in the trees, we visited the Eastwoodhill Arboretum - the rain added a delightful depth to the subjects I found there.

I didn’t think we would spend very long there, just trees right? Wrong! We were there until dusk, searching for and shooting all types of fungi.

The most amazing one we found was a little flowery-fairy looking one.

Not many landscapes today but somehow managed to shoot the most photos in one day on this trip. And it was raining!

Dinner was from Perfect Roast Takeaway. I had roast pork with all the veggies and also tried a slice of their raspberry & white chocolate cheesecake (mmm cheesecake). Both were delicious. Haven't had the chance to have many roasts lately (no kitchen) so I do enjoy these roast houses when I find them.

This is our last night in the East Cape, tomorrow we make our way to the Hawke's Bay for our last night of the trip.

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