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Dec 2019 - South Island Road Trip - Day 4

Sunrise in Kaikoura! We had wanted to stay in Kaikoura to capture the beautiful landscape there at sunrise and sunset. The last time we were there, we noticed the rocky terrain and thought it would make for great foreground material. ALSO the last time we were there we got stranded out on the rocks by the incoming tide with the 5 year old... He was not impressed. Making memories though! LOL.

We made our way down to the spot first thing in the morning and waited for the rising sun, trying to guess where it was going to appear and finding the best composition.

Not much colour but once the sun was up we had this amazing light to work with.

And as usual, if I'm not paying attention, someone manages to point the camera the wrong way and get a snap of me instead! (photo credit: Rodney Donaldson Photography)

After sunrise, we went up to the must-do lookout and took in the scenery. It is a funny part of the world to try and orientate. We reflected over where we thought the sun was rising from and where it actually did.

Next, we made our way down to Christchurch. We took the WHOLE day to get there - but for a very good reason! We were following dolphins along the coast!! Such an amazing experience, just watching them swim and jump out of the water. I was so tempted to jump in with them! Of course, we tried to capture them with the camera but alas they were too far away. Was good fun regardless.

Once down in Christchurch we set out on a mission - to find me another filter. I had been borrowing Rodney's old gradual filter but it wasn't agreeing with my wide-angle lens. The filter I had just wasn't cutting it and I needed something stronger. We hit the camera shops and found what we were looking for.

We were staying in Geraldine (closest place to Tekapo we could book at this time of year) so we made our way there, found the motel and got settled. For sunset we weren't too sure what to do so we hit the road to just see what we could find. The sunset itself wasn't great but the lighting beforehand was perfect.

Geraldine was a cute little town with lovely character. We walked the streets and found fish n chips for dinner at a busy little shop but they weren't much to write home about, then settled in for the night at the Geraldine Motels.

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